Uni - Sea Urchin

Uni - Sea Urchin

Uni - Sea Urchin

OosterBay carries a wide variety of bafun, murasaki and aka uni from cold water parts of the world.

Bafun uni is caught off the waters of Hokkaido and is a richer creamier version of uni. It is often bright-orange or reddish in colour, hence its name Red Sea Urchin.

OosterBay's Seasoned uni is unique and a must-try. Our uni loving customer never fail to keep coming back for more!

A-Grade Bafun Uni in Wooden Tray | 250g
A-Grade Murasaki Uni in Wooden Tray | 250g
B-Grade Uni in Wooden Tray | 100g
B-Grade Uni | 250g

B-Grade Uni | 250g

$ 168.00 $ 198.00
Ensui Uni | 100g

Ensui Uni | 100g

$ 118.00
Furikake Sushi Rice (per Bowl)
Japanese Rice (per Bowl)
Kanese Black Premium Bafun Uni | 250g
Live Murasaki Uni
Nori Seaweed (1 portion 8 pcs)
Premium Matsuura Bafun Uni | 250g
Uni Shutou | Delicious!
[PREORDER ONLY] Black Summer Truffle | 1 pc
[PREORDER ONLY] Katakura Premium Murasaki | 100g
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