Tarabagani | Hokkaido King Crab

Tarabagani | Hokkaido King Crab

Tarabagani | Hokkaido King Crab

$ 138.00

King Crab is one of the menu items that you just cannot miss if you travel to Hokkaido because of its rich taste and overall deliciousness. Approx 1.25kg per crab.

There are four kinds of crabs caught in Hokkaido – the King Crab, Hanasaki Crab, Hairy Crab and Snow Crab.Of the four, the King Crab is the largest.

The King Crabs we sell on Oosterbay are about 1.25kg each. By buying the crab/s whole as opposed to just the legs, you get an impressive presentation piece on the dinner table, fully befitting its ‘King’ Crab stature. Also, you get the meat from the shoulders and the body.

King crabs about the size of 1.25kg are not only more economical to transport, but are also the size where the taste and succulence of the crab meat are at its optimum.

If you’ve ever visited Hokkaido, you will know that one just cannot miss having King Crab while you’re there because it is just such a great opportunity to savour the sweet luxurious taste of it.

There are many crab restaurants in Hokkaido which serve this exquisite delicacy but here in Singapore, you don’t get many chances to chomp on the delicious King Crab leg meat unless you’re prepared to shell out a small fortune.

In addition, many restaurants serve the relatively cheaper Snow Crab legs as King Crab legs to patrons here who are none-the-wiser. (Snow Crabs are about half the price of King Crabs in general.)

Voila! Here we are again, to bring you good stuff at wholesale pricing – These highly-prized King Crabs, cooked and flash frozen at point of catching for excellent freshness, are available here on OosterBay at $138.00 per piece for a limited time only. [Price has been reduced this season due to bumper harvest!]

Each crab comes in its own container and you can choose to just steam it to warm it up, or re-cook it with herbs and seasoning. Great also for barbeques and steamboats – many, many ways to cook it but a personal favourite is to sautee it lightly with butter, or steam and dip in molten butter before gobbling. Yes, gobbling!

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