FROZEN Kani Karaage | Softshell Crab

FROZEN Kani Karaage | Softshell Crab

FROZEN Kani Karaage | Softshell Crab

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[Recommended by our chefs: Most delicious when deep-fried, doesn't come with batter however you may use any batter that you normally use for deep-frying chicken/pork. etc]

Softshell Crabs are served in all kinds of cuisine these days. Japanese, Thai, European restaurants all serve this popular dish. Now you can cook it at home! Comes in a pack containing 3 whole crabs.

Most people don’t know the difference between a good softshell crab and a poor one. These things are usually fried or deep fried and any cook can mask a poor softshell crab with flour.So, let’s get you educated.

The main difference lies in how the softshell crab is molted.

All softshells are harvested immediately after it molts (sheds its old shell) when it outgrows its old shell and the new shell is soft like a skin.

In most home-industry farms, crabs are made to molt 3 to 5 times faster than it would under natural conditions by the farmer plucking out a leg or a claw. A crab will molt within 2 to 3 weeks when a limb or two is plucked out. Naturally, it will take a crab 9 to 12 weeks to grow out a shell.

The best softshells are molted under natural conditions. (Farmers have about 2 hours to harvest the crab before the shell turns hard.) Such softshell crabs have full meat within their softshells. Usually these naturally molted shells also feed on small live fish in their ponds and so the meat also taste good.

Softshells that have their limbs plucked out to hasten the molting have usually not grown full in their shells and you’d find that these are hollow or have much less meat within their soft shells. Also, these are usually kept in small tanks and fed pellets and so the taste is poor.

Having told you how to tell a good softshell from a poor one, you can be sure that the softshell crabs we have on OosterBay are the quality ones. Deep fried, fried, or served as tempura, our softshells are full of meat of quality texture and taste.

Softshell crabs are not readily available in supermarkets in Singapore – just try your luck at your neighbourhood Cold Storage or NTUC – Zilch. So most people have to eat it in restaurants. Well, now here’s your chance to savour good quality delicious softshell crabs at home. Enjoy!

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