Mekajiki | Premium Swordfish Belly

Mekajiki | Premium Swordfish Belly

Mekajiki | Premium Swordfish Belly

$ 19.90

There is Swordfish Belly and then there is Premium Swordfish Belly (Seafrozen at -60 deg Celsius – Superfrozen).

The word ‘superfrozen’ probably doesn’t sound very sexy or activate any salivary glands but the fact is that all good Sashimi-Grade Pelagic Fish (Tuna, Swordfish, etc) are seafrozen at sea (when freshly caught) at -35 deg C for more than 15 hours to kill off all possible parasites. This is partly what makes it edible raw and hence, sashimi grade.

Of course, Sashimi Grade is not just about being free of parasites. The fat content of the fish, quality of the fish itself, how soon it was frozen after being caught, how it was bled, stored, packed, all make a difference in the quality of sashimi-grade fish.

And here, we come to Superfrozen Swordfish Belly – the purest form of sashimi-grade mekajiki available. The mekajiki we offer here gets top marks on all counts

Only the best specimens of the catch are selected.

These are superfrozen at sea (very freshly caught) at ultra-low temperature (-60 deg C) and carefully bled, packed and kept in that state all the way from fishing vessel to fishing dock, transferred to expensive ultra-low temperature container (only available on Maersk Shipping), kept in expensive -60 deg C coldrooms before they are delivered to you.

Highest Quality raw material -> Ultra freshness encapsulation with superfreezing techniques and handling -> Pure Sashimi Mekajiki -> Top grade delicious Mekajiki sashimi.

This is why you might have heard the phrase ‘Fresher than fresh’. They’re talking about this.

(Fresh usually takes 48 hours to reach you from the time they were caught and put on ice. How primitive.)

Probably the best mekajiki ever. Superior texture, high oil content and superb taste. Now available and delivered to your door.

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