Roe & Milt Products

Roe & Milt Products

Roe & Milt Products

Ikura is the top crowd-pleaser here.

Popular with both kids and adults, and packed with beneficial oils that's good for your heart and tastes good with everything from pasta, to rice, to toast.

Next on the list is Mentaiko. When mixed with mayonnaise (the Japanese call it mentaimayo), it is one of the heavenliest tastes available on earth!

Warning: The mentaiko is quite healthy but please go easy on the mayo.

Finally, Tarako a favourite of sashimi connoisseurs for those who really know and appreciate their Japanese food, our Tarako is top grade from one of the most famous brands in Japan.


Caviar | Polanco Siberian Reserve (50g)
Ikura | Soy Sauce Salmon Roe
Bruschette Chips (For Caviar)
Caviar | Polanco Oscietra (30g)
Caviar | Polanco Oscietra (50g)
Caviar | Polanco Siberian Reserve (30g)
Karasumi | Dried Mullet Roe
Sakoshi Japanese Oysters | 1 Dozen
Tarako | Salted Pollack Roe
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