FROZEN Sun-dried Hamachi Kama | Yellowtail Collar [2 to 3 pieces]

FROZEN Sun-dried Hamachi Kama | Yellowtail Collar [2 to 3 pieces]

FROZEN Sun-dried Hamachi Kama | Yellowtail Collar [2 to 3 pieces]

$ 19.90 $ 35.80

If you like grilled fish, nothing quite comes as close to satisfying this, like the taste of a good piece of grilled Sun-Dried Hamachi collar. As it is Sun-Dried to preserve its freshness and to make it flavourful, therefore prior to seasoning and cooking, the smell will be stronger than normal fish. 

Imported from Japan. Contains one whole collar for grilling.

Some argue that it is the best part of the fish. Can’t say that I disagree.

It is best when simply grilled, with a sprinkle of salt, although you might choose to add a little lemon or ponzu/soya sauce.

The flesh is juicy, tender, sweet and full of the rich flavor you might expect from Hamachi. I just love picking freshly grilled, steaming flesh from the Sun-Dried Hamachi Kama with my chopsticks and picking at those little bits sticking to the bony parts.

One of the highlights of Sun-Dried Hamachi Kama is of course the grilled skin as well. Grilled properly, the skin is nice and crispy and complements the flesh completely. Really good if you ask me..

Well, there’re only 2 pieces of Kama for every fish (one each side), so these are not plentiful. All our Hamachi Collars are large-sized.

Listing consists of 2 to 3 pieces per bag (500 to 600g per bag). Now per bag just $19.90 (UP $35.80)! Sun-dried Hamachi Kama will have its own smell of fish therefore please follow our preparation tip below for best taste. Though not very pretty looking, the Hamachi Kama is definitely tasty if well cooked :)

Tip: Prior to cooking, soak your Sun-Dried Hamachi Kama in lemon water for 15 minutes for the best taste. If you find it difficult to grill, it tastes just as good, lightly sautéed plainly with some salt.

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