A-Grade Uni in Wooden Tray | 250g

A-Grade Uni in Wooden Tray | 250g

A-Grade Uni in Wooden Tray | 250g

$ 195.00 $ 238.00


Order 1 Day in advance to guarantee your tray

Arriving every Tue, Wed, Friday and Sat - 4 times every week, to feed the uni-addicted!

Fresh A-Grade Uni of the best kind airflown fresh into Singapore. Order at least 2 day in advance to ensure you get your tray.

250g tray of luscious umami uni packed in a wooden tray and airflown to Singapore 4 times every week.

While stocks last.

Note: Uni type for this selection could be Bafun or Murasaki Uni depending on availability. Limited trays only.

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